First Gubernatorial Debate

Milwaukee County - Governor Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke will square in their first debate Friday night at 7 o'clock on our sister station, \"The M\".

That's W-M-L-W, Channel 7 on Time Warner Cable.

Professor Mordecai Lee at U-W-Milwaukee predicts viewers will see a lot of offense and defense from the two candidates.

Lee says Walker is the more experienced candidate, and he's going to say what he wants.

But Burke remains the unknown.

\"There are so many people who don't have an opinion about her or feel they don't know enough about her. She's sort of the blind date. She wants people to get to know her.\" Mordecai Lee.

In this election, there are a small percentage of voters that's undecided.

\"I think that means a lot of the debate will be what do a lot of the undecided voters care about.\"

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