First Autumn Cold Snap Brings Winter Temps To Wisconsin

Well, it's the final day of September and I think it's safe to say fall has arrived across Southeast Wisconsin.  Cool breezes and warm sunshine are forecast through the end of the week.  However, with clear skies and light winds away from Lake Michigan, temperatures will be dipping into the upper 30's for the first time in several months.  In fact, up north it felt more like winter this morning with a hard freeze in many locations.  Here's a list of some of the coldest spots...

The National Weather Service issued frost advisories and freeze warnings for much of Central and Northern Wisconsin overnight.

Hopefully this helped residents of the North-woods prepare for the onslaught of cold air.  The average date for our first frost in Milwaukee is just 2 weeks away (October 14th). It might be time to bring your annuals, or temperature sensitive plants inside... I know it's on my list of things to do this the weekend!

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