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Fighting fire with fun & learning through the Greenfield Fire Department's New "Bouncy" House

Greenfield (CBS 58)--The Greenfield Fire Department has a new way to battle blazes, and it starts with an educational bouncy house.  Inside there are different rooms, including a kitchen, living room, and bedroom.  And as you walk through, you get a lesson on fire prevention and safety through posted guides.

Those with the department stress the bedroom is one space you really need to be aware of your surroundings. It's recommended to sleep with the door closed.  That way, if a fire starts, the room temperature is 100 degrees, not 1000 degrees since there's less oxygen. Also, make sure to have two ways to escape a bedroom.

The Greenfield Fire House makes various stops to schools, churches, and organizations. If you'd like them to come to you, just click here.

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