'Shook the house': Fiery Waukegan explosion felt miles away in Wisconsin

’Shook the house’: Fiery Waukegan explosion felt miles away in Wisconsin

WAUKEGAN, IL (CBS 58) -- The impact of the massive explosion at an industrial plant in Waukegan, Illinois was felt nearly 20 miles away in Wisconsin.

According to authorities, the blast went off at AB Specialty Silicones Friday around 9:30 p.m.

People over the border in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin wondered where it came from.

“My wife and I were watching TV and we kinda felt like something shook the house,” said Tim Padjen.  “We looked around outside, maybe there was a car accident, because we are at a busy corner, but really couldn’t find anything or see anything.”

Crews got a better look at the damage Saturday morning.

Concrete and metal debris was blown all over -- some into the business next door, American Outfitters.

“It blew in all the front windows of our building and all along the side of our building," said David Rettig, vice president of sales. "It even blew in all our garage doors in there, all of the lights have fallen out of the ceiling."

Despite the damage, Rettig said nothing compares to the tragedy.

“People lost their lives, you know. The damage we have to our building really doesn’t matter when you think about that side of things.”

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