FDA approves first contact lens that gets darker in sunlight

CBS Local — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new invention that may make wearing sunglasses a thing of the past.

FDA officials signed off on the first ever transition contact lenses, which will get darker when the wearer is out in sunlight. “This contact lens is the first of its kind to incorporate the same technology that is used in eyeglasses that automatically darken in the sun,” the FDA’s Malvina Eydelman said in a press release.

The agency tested the new lenses on 24 patients to make sure there were no problems with driving during the day and at night. None of the users reported any trouble with the contacts prior to the FDA’s approval.

“After more than a decade of product development and numerous clinical trials involving more than 1,000 patients, we are excited to bring to market a solution to help contact lenses wearers manage the changing light conditions they face every day in their modern, active lives,” Dr. Xiao-Yu Song, head of R&D for Johnson & Johnson Vision said.

Johnson & Johnson added that their subsidiary, Acuvue, will be introducing the new Oasys Contact Lenses during the “first half of 2019.” The FDA says that the Acuvue Oasys lens will be capable of daily use for up to 14 days however, they warned that users should not sleep with them or expose them to water.

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