FBI Unsolved Robberies: Suspect Shoots Would-Be Hero in Cell Phone Store Robbery

On the night of November 16th at the Cricket Wireless store at 108th and Cleveland in West Allis, a man in a dark Wisconsin Badgers hoodie came in and demanded cash from the staff and the sole customer.

 â€œWhen the individual demanded that the parties get onto the floor,” explained West Allis Police Deputy Chief Chris Botsch, “the customer felt that the individual was distracted enough and the customer inside the store physically engaged the offender.”

The tackle didn’t work and the would-be hero fell back to the floor.

 â€œAt which point the actor, with a short barreled rifle, stood over the individual and shot him one time.” Said FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Robert Botsch.

There were no surveillance cameras available inside the store but the suspect was caught on camera racing out of the store and down the sidewalk with the rifle in his hand and money falling out of his pockets as he ran.

If you know anything, the Milwaukee FBI (414-276-4684) and West Allis PD (414-302-8000) want you to call them. In fact, that is how they would prefer your help instead of taking matters into your own hands.

 â€œWe would certainly discourage that sort of behavior for obvious reasons. One of which he ultimately was shot as a result of this.” Said Deputy Chief Chris Botsch. “However, I can also respect the fact that the individual felt that it was appropriate for him to do something and wanted to get involved. So, I respect the fact that he did it but certainly not encourage it, because it could have a horrible outcome.

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