FBI: Suspect Claimed to Have Bomb at Bank in Menomonee Falls

A bomb threat inside a local bank was caught on camera in Menomonee Falls.

The FBI is hoping you can help find their man.

He entered the bank and opened his jacket telling workers they had 30 seconds to hand over the cash.

But, while he took the time to strap up his chest, he left his face uncovered.

The incident happened on October 18 at a PNC Bank in Menomonee Falls.

In the video, a man is seen entering the bank and nudging a bank employee.

Moving on to the teller, he repeats his threat and unzips his jacket to reveal a white object.

When he approached the teller counter, he engaged with the teller at the open window and told her the same thing.

Cameras clearly captured his face that was covered only by thick glasses.

Video shows him pacing from side to side.

Growing impatient, he reached for the cash and made off through the front door.

If you've seen this man, call the FBI.

You could receive a reward for his arrest.


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