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FBI: Still Determining if Landowner will Receive Reward for Finding Manhunt Suspect

FBI is determining whether the land owner who called in the tip that led to the arrest of the Janesville manhunt suspect will receive the $20,000 reward.

A tactical squad arrested him early this morning after getting a tip from a farmer about a suspicious person last night.   

We now have heard comments from the farmer who says he talked to Jakubowski before his arrest.           

"The one thing he said over and over is no one listens to me.  It may be that now they will because of all of this.  He did say that you're the first person that listened to me,” said the land owner.

He said he eventually decided to call police.

Jakubowski will appear in Federal Court on Monday.

Right now, he faces charges of burglary and theft though more could be coming.

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