FBI Seeking Three in Milwaukee for Warrants Connected to Gangs

FBI in Milwaukee is currently seeking the public’s assistance locating three fugitives wanted on outstanding federal arrest warrants.

The three subjects were indicted on December 1 along with four others as part of an ongoing FBI / DEA and Milwaukee Police Department investigation into the HPT / ATK street gangs.

On December 8, FBI / MPD gang task force conducted an arrest operation on Milwaukee’s north side targeting members of the HPT / ATK street gangs.

As a result, seven subjects were arrested and three guns were recovered, along with multiple ounces of cocaine and approximately $3800 in US currency.

Three suspects are wanted on outstanding warrants.

Tuesday’s operation followed one similar on June 9 targeting the HPT / ATK gang. In that incident 15 suspects were arrested.

The suspects wanted are:

Cedric Lacy, 33-years-old, he weighs 250 pounds and is 5-feet and 11-inches.

Brandon Graham, 26-years-old, he weighs 198 pounds and is 5-feet and 7-inches.

Zavian Riley, 24-years-old, he weighs 165 pounds and is 5-feet and 10-inches.

The three are part of the ATK (Atkinson Avenue Gang) or the HPT (Hustlers, Pimps, and Thugs) gang on Milwaukee's north side.

"We would consider this neighborhood based street gangs," Robert Botsch from the FBI Milwaukee office said.  "They are not affiliated to a national gang at all however that doesn't mean they are any less violent. Unfortunately sometimes the more loosely affiliated, the more disorganized groups a little bit more violent  because there's no one person calling the shots or directing the gangs activities."

All three subjects remain at large and should not be approached. Anyone with information is urged to call the FBI at 414-276-4684. 

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