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Father prepares to bury his son

Melvin Robinson, a worker at JD Davis Funeral Home knows death. He's watched and comforted as others grieved, preparing their loved ones for peaceful rest. Now, the person who will lie before him is his own stepson.

\"Some people think I'm crazy, and that's fine, but we wouldn't have felt right letting somebody else handle the services,\" Robinson said.

Twenty-one-year-old Tevin Beanland was caught in the crossfire as someone shot into a crowd at a house party. His step-father doesn't know the reason why it happened, and doesn't feel any reason is good enough.

\"These kids, they go around shooting over the dumbest things, you looked at me the wrong way, or you stepped on my shoe, or you owe me 20 dollars. Get over it.\"

Tevin had a little one on the way, this year's Father's Day was going to be special. Now, his family is holding on to dear memories.

Tevin's stepfather will oversee every step of his funeral, even preparing the body. He says that will be his time to grieve and process. For now, he has one personal message to his son's killer

\"To the person that took him away from us, I'd like to say personally that you will get caught and we won't give up ‘til you're caught, so I hope that you're seeing this and I hope that you remember my face because you will see justice.\"

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