Fans prepare to brave the arctic blast at Lambeau Sunday

Brookfield -- With at least negative 20 degree wind chills during the Packer Game at Lambeau Field Sunday, fans are getting ready for the arctic blast.

\"Picking up some cold weather gear, box of hand warmers, gloves, mittens, just basics for the Packer game,\" said Laacke & Joys Customer, Taylor Hoskins.

He and his girlfriend are going to brave the bitter cold for the playoff game against the San Francisco 49rs.

\"You never want to have anything cotton or like a cotton t-shirt or hoodie or something like that right up against your skin,\" explained Brookfield Laacke & Joys Sales Expert, Kurt Baehmann.  \"If you get any part of your skin that's wet in the cold it's going to make it even colder, so what that polypropylene and some of those higher tech (synthetic) fabrics do, they wick that moisture away from your skin and so it keeps you warmer and dryer.\"

Baehmann also recommends wearing a hat instead of earmuffs, mittens instead of gloves and make sure you wear warm socks.  He also said a bigger pair of gloves keep you warmer than a smaller pair.  \"Air actually keeps you warm, so kind of like how a window is double paned that window of air actually keeps you warmer.\"

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