Fans Go through Metal Detectors on Opening Day at Summerfest

One thing you need to know about Summerfest is that security checks at the gate are a little bit different this year, and you may want to plan your visit accordingly.

The gate everyone walks through now has a metal detector.

Last year they had wands to detect metal, but only at night.

This year, they will have the walk through and wand detectors day and night, all 11 days.

There is no specific incident that brought these metal detectors in. They say the change is one with the times this is simply expected at large venues.

So far it hasn't backed up lines, but Summerfest officials do say: plan ahead!

"There's gonna be times. Plan ahead. I'd get here early. But we are staffed appropriately. There may be a longer line if you're coming down at the peak time, but come down here a little bit early, have a beer an a brat and everything will be great,” said Bill Wesley, Summerfest Director of Security

Peak times are expected to be between 6:30 and 9:30. So plan ahead or plan for longer lines then.

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