Fans from all over come to Milwaukee to cheer on Bucks

NOW: Fans from all over come to Milwaukee to cheer on Bucks

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --Fans stopped by the deer district Thursday morning to check it out before thousands of fans pack in to cheer on the Bucks. 

Some were from Milwaukee, but most came from other parts of the state, and even the country, to root for the team.

Paul Ofcharsky came from Pennsylvania to see the team play he called Thursday nights game "pivotal" 

"Everything is up and down with the NBA this year teams are winning by twenty points and then the other team is losing by three, so it’s really a give-and-take at this point especially at this point in the series," said Ofcharsky. 

With the teams two-time MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, sitting out for the game following an injury, fans are still confident this Bucks team is good enough to beat the Hawks. 

Rudy Molina is a die-hard Bucks fan. He came from Madison to see the deer district. 

“I’ve always believed that if the team has to rely on just one player, you’re not gonna go far," said Molina. "The good thing is, there’s good other players to step up.”

The energy is still high among fans in the deer district. They wish Antetokounmpo a quick recovery. 

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