Fans blame Olivia Munn for Packers troubles

(MILWAUKEE) - After a rare and dismal loss to the Detroit Lions, which only produced seven points on offense, some Packers fans are taking it out on the person who is really to blame for the team's troubles.

Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend.  

Fans berated Olivia Munn, star of HBO's \"The Newsroom,\" on Twitter Sunday night.  Some fans called Munn a distraction, and begged Rodgers to dump her, another called Munn a \"devil woman.\"

Dr. Peder Piering, Milwaukee-area sports psychologist, says that since Aaron Rodgers is put on a pedestal in Wisconsin, it's hard for fans to believe that he could be the reason for the team's slow start on offense. \"It's easier to blame someone away from the field the competition than it is to blame the face of our franchise,\" Piering said.  

Fans of Hollywood may also be conditioned to blame an athlete's girlfriend for poor performance.  In the movie \"The Natural,\" Roy Hobbs went into a huge slump after dating Memo Paris.  In \"Bull Durham,\" Nuke LaLoosh avoids relations with his girlfriend to preserve a winning streak.  And in the 1976 movie \"Rocky,\" trainer Mick tells his fighter \"women weaken legs!\" 

While PGA star Rory McIlroy credited breaking off his engagement to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki with helping him win two major golf tournaments in 2014, Dr. Piering says most professional athletes can navigate sports and relationships with ease.  \"Can relationships be a distraction?  Yes, but to take that statement as an absolute would be ridiculous... lots of times people gain strength from these relationships,\" Piering said.

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