Fans are clearing the snow from Lambeau

NOW: Fans are clearing the snow from Lambeau

It takes a village.  A village of Packers Fans that is to clear out all the snow in Lambeau Field.  The goal is to get everything looking back to normal by the end of today and definitely field-ready by Saturday's game against the Minnesota Vikings.  Six hundred shovelers were expected to show up today, each getting paid $10/hour for their efforts.  Green Bay had eight inches of snow alone last week, so the fans certainly have their work cut out for them.  

The process is fairly simple.  Go row by row and shovel the snow to a conveyor belt of sorts.  It shoots the snow to the field where it's hauled off by a front end loader and then taken to a nearby warehouse.  

Many people I spoke with tell me this is their first time shoveling the stadium.  And many say they'll be returning next time to do this job again.

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