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Family still living in smoke damaged home after 4th of July fire

MILWAUKEE-- From the outside-- boarded up windows, exposed insulation, and a burnt out bush.

\"The landlord said this was liveable,\" said Theresa Martin.

Walk inside Theresa's home on West Helena Street and you'll find smoke damage, broken glass, and her family still reeling after a 4th of July fire.

\"Ain't nobody really trying to help us,\" she exclaimed.

Theresa still remembers getting her two grandsons out when a neighbor's firework hit their home.

\"I didn't know if we was gonna live or die,\" she recalled, \"because I didn't know what to do to be honest.\"

They got out safely and the Red Cross gave them temporary shelter, but someone broke into their home during the days they were gone.  Even the children fell victim in the burglary.  Burglars took off with several televisions, an X-Box 360, and other items from the home.

\"That's hard,\" said Latascha, Theresa's daughter, \"that hurts, especially when you work hard and you're a single mother.\"

Latascha says being forced to live in a smoke damaged home is hard on her sons.

\"He won't stop coughing,\" said Latascha, pointing to her oldest son, Thomas.

Nine year old, Thomas has asthma, and Latascha's youngest son, King Charles, is just five months old.

\"I got these kids and I feel like nobody here wants to help us,\" said Latascha, \"and nobody cares.\"

The Martins say it's been a struggle getting their landlord to move forward with repairs and all they want is a safe place for their little ones to call home.

\"Nobody should have to live like this,\" said Theresa, \"this is horrible.\"

The Martin's property manager would not go on camera, but told CBS 58 they've contacted insurance and will do their best to move forward with repairs as quickly as possible.


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