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Family of missing children speaks about their well being after authorities found them in Mexico

Melissa Padilla's nephew and two nieces were returned home on Friday (May 15). They had been missing since Feb. 5 after their mother Amanda Ibarra Gasca and her boyfriend ran away to Mexico. The boyfriend, Ivan Ruiz, faces child abuse charges.

\"He's such a good boy,” said Padilla about her two-year old nephew. “I don't know why this was done to him.\"

Damian along with his sisters Angela Gasca, 10, and Diana, 8, had been in Siloa, Mexica. Padilla said her sister dropped the kids off at a relative's house in Silao, Mexico since she left the country in February.

\"You don't know if they're eating, you don't know if they are sick, you know anything and you don't care, so I don't really care too much for her,\" Padilla said.

A representative from the Racine County Child Protective Services picked up the kids. They were flown back to Wisconsin to be reunited with family members. Their mother and her boyfriend are still on the run in Mexico and Mexican authorities are looking for them.

\"It was just exciting to see them again, that they were alive and Ok,\" Padilla said. \"We hugged and cried, then and then later and on the way home and when we got home.\"

The two girls will stay with their maternal grandmother while Damien will stay Padilla who said she's happy to take care of Damien as one of her own.

\"Just try to love him and care for him and show him a better life than he's had so far,\" Padilla said. \"They are going to be alright now.\"

The children's father lives in Ohio and Padilla said they're still trying to figure out who will have permanent custody of the three kids.

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