Family of mentally ill man killed by MPD officer wants answers

MILWAUKEE -- The family of 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton, the man killed by a Milwaukee police officer, held a tearful tribute at Red Arrow Park. The family admits Hamilton suffered from mental illness, but they still have a lot of questions for the Milwaukee Police Department.

Hamilton was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer on April 30, 2014. Police say that officer responded to a call to Red Arrow Park, and during his interaction with Hamilton things quickly turned violent. Police say their officer began hitting Hamilton with his baton. They say Hamilton took the officers baton and began hitting him with it. That's when the police officer fired several shots and killed Hamilton at Red Arrow Park.

Family and friends gathered at Red Arrow Park two days after this shooting. Hamilton's brother says he isn't pointing the finger at police, but they want to know more about what happened. He admits his brother Dontre suffered from mental illness, and was often paranoid.

Hamilton's mother, Maria Hamilton, says she will fight to bring awareness to mental illness. She said more people need to step out and help instead of turning the other cheek. 

The family says Hamilton was turned away from services he needed. They also say there will be another vigil at Red Arrow Park on May 2, 2014 at 8:00 p.m.

Milwaukee police continue their investigation into this shooting. The State Department of Justice is also investigating this shooting as required by state law.

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