Family of Donte Shannon, Sandra Bland, and Dontre Hamilton join together for protest at city hall

NOW: Family of Donte Shannon, Sandra Bland, and Dontre Hamilton join together for protest at city hall

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The story of Donte Shannon, the 26-year-old man shot and killed by Racine police officers one month ago, is getting some high profile interest.

Both the mother of Dontre Hamilton and the mother of Sandra Bland joined in a protest at city hall Monday afternoon.

The march that happened along with the protest was meant to highlight that no new information about the case has been shared with the family - but it also showed how Donte Shannon's relatives are connecting with a bigger network of activists.

"The most upsetting thing is that it's been 31...32 days and we've still not gotten any kind of input. No kind of answers. No kind of reassurance or comfort that me and my family need for closure," Nakia Shannon, Donte's father, said.

26-year-old Donte Shannon was shot - Racine police say - after fleeing on foot from a traffic stop. The officers who ran after him, identified as Chad Stillman and Peter Boeck by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, saw Shannon "brandish a firearm".

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is leading the organization. Once they have completed their report it will be handed over to the Racine County District Attorney who will review the details with the family.

Geneva Reed-Veal is the mother of Sandra Bland - the 28-year-old woman found hanged in a Texas jail cell in 2015. She had stern advice for the family which she delivered in a soft voice in front of a crowd at city hall.

"See everybody wants to make paper off your baby's death. So what you gotta do is you got to get you some smart folk. I ain't talking about the people that's your 'fr-enemies'. I'm talking about smart folk around you. And you get some wise counsel. And you shut your mouth," Reed-Veal said.

"We're still sad. We're still depressed," Nakia Shannon said. "We're still wondering. We're linking with the people who can help us out. That have been through it and give us suggestions to help us with our bad times and our good."

Sandra Bland's mother was joined by Maria Hamilton - the mother of Dontre Hamilton. They were in the area because the documentary "Blood on the Doorstep" about Dontre Hamilton's shooting was showing in Milwaukee and they decided to come to the protest.

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