Family meeting with Wisconsin lawmakers, talking about health insurance and Medicaid

WASHINGTON (CBS 58) – A 12-year-old Wisconsin boy is taking his story to Washington D.C. and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Gabe Johnson survived open heart surgery when he was just nine days old after being diagnosed with congenital heart defects.

He’s had nearly 50 procedures in his short life. His family calls their secondary insurance from Medicaid a “lifesaving safety net.”

“I am lucky to have insurance. Other kids aren’t so lucky. Without these insurances covering copays, our family would be in financial strains and I would not have the quality of life that I do,” said 12-year-old Gabe Johnson.

Gabe is heading to Capitol Hill next week to advocate for Children’s Healthcare and the importance of Medicaid.

He is expected to also meet with Senators Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin and Congressman Ron Kind and Mark Pocan. Gabe will meet with them on Monday.

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