Family Displaced, Two Injured in Milwaukee House Fire

Seven people are without a home on Milwaukee's south side.

Just before 3 a.m. a neighbor called Milwaukee Fire Department reporting a house Fire S 18th St. and W. Mitchell St.

There were four people inside the home when the fire broke out, and two were taken to the hospital. A man was treated for traumatic cuts to his arms, and a child was treated for smoke inhalation.

The one and a half story house is a "total loss" according to Milwaukee Fire Dept.Deputy Chief David Votsis. The fire caused $200,000 of damage and roared so powerfully it is not safe to go back in the home.

The family didn't have any working smoke detectors or insurance. There cause of the fire is unknown. The Red Cross is helping all seven with a place to stay and with help starting over.

"There's nothing left. All their clothing, all their furniture, their food, everything has to be replaced," said Patty Flowers, Regional CEO with Wisconsin Red Cross.

Flowers says the family will likely go through stages of grief after losing so much.

"They're going to have those anger feelings; they're going to have sadness," said Flowers.

The Milwaukee Fire Department and the Red Cross are reminding residents to make sure smoke detectors are working after this incident. They both have programs that will install and provide smoke detectors in your home for free.

For the Milwaukee Fire Department Smoke Detector Hotline call 414-286-8980

For the Red Cross Smoke Detector Program visit

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