Families of men killed by Mensah call for firing of Wauwatosa police chief

NOW: Families of men killed by Mensah call for firing of Wauwatosa police chief

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The attorney representing the families of the men killed by suspended Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah are calling for the city to fire its police chief, Barry Weber. 

The lawyer representing the families says the only way to move forward is by getting rid of him. 

Attorney Kimberley Motley says Weber has constantly violated codes of conduct and needs to go. 

“If he really wants to be a leader, he should step down. Because Wauwatosa is on fire, and it’s because of Chief Weber,” said attorney Kimberley Motley.  

Motley is representing the families of the three young men killed in the last five years by suspended officer Joseph Mensah. 

Thursday, Aug. 13, they filed a complaint to fire Wauwatosa Police Department Chief Barry Weber. 

“Police don’t like it when you police them. And that is essentially what these very brave families are doing, they are asking for accountability, they are asking for answers, and frankly they are entitled to those things,” said Motley.  

The complaint accuses Weber of violating policies and procedures, displaying incompetent leadership and a lack of accountability. 

The complaint states recent protests are an unfortunate culmination of his continued mismanagement for the past three decades. 

They say he has also lied on several occasions, including to the Wauwatosa Police And Fire Commission about having seen all the videos and read the reports of the investigation related to Alvin Cole’s case, by saying Cole had a semiautomatic pistol loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition. 

Motley and the family say that is a blatant lie. 

It’s why Motley says it’s time for new leadership. 

“Wauwatosa taxpayers should demand more of their chief,” said Motley. “They should demand accountability, transparency, and they’re entitled to good leadership. Which he is not doing, he is failing in his leadership of the Wauwatosa Police Department. And it’s time for him to go.”  

We did try reaching out to the Wauwatosa Police Department in order to speak to Chief Weber, and to the Wauwatosa Peace Officers Association, but have not heard back yet. 

There was supposed to be a Wauwatosa Police and Fire Commission meeting Friday morning, but it was cancelled due to technical issues and has been postponed for some time next week. 

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