Families celebrate Good Friday at the legendary Serb Hall Fish Fry

MILWAUKEE-- Nothing says Good Friday in Milwaukee like fish, fries, and coleslaw. It was non-stop inside the kitchen at Serb Hall since 11 Friday morning.

As waitresses take their trays to the dining room, some diners drove a long way to take part in this Milwaukee tradition.

"We've been coming here over 60 years, now we've got our children and grandchildren," said Edward Ridgen.

Edward and his wife drove in from Caledonia.

"Quite the hike, came here early to get a parking spot," said Julianna Rigden.

With four generations at the table, it's part of their family's Easter weekend celebration.

"We're blessed we've got each other so many years," said Julianna Rigden.

They're not the only ones who brought the kids.

"I like the bread and I like the fish," said Dylan Boyer, age 6.

An estimated 3,000 people stopped by to get their fix before Easter Sunday.

"The food is just delicious," said Delores Clark, a first-time diner, "everybody come on down!"

For the dining room staff, the Good Friday Fish Fry a huge undertaking.

"Today, we'll probably go through 2-thousand pounds of fish itself," said Rich Barczynski, a manager at Serb Hall.

As another batch of cod comes out of the fryer, there's a reason why local families always come back for more.

"It's the best, it's the best, they always say the best in town, it's the best," said Rigden.

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