Families can explore on "Bug Day" at Wehr Nature Center

Wehr Nature Center will have a \"Bug Day\" to give families the opportunity to learn about these invertebrate critters and their relatives.
The event will take place September 20, from 1–4 PM at Wehr Nature Center. 
The Nature Center is located at 9701 W. College Avenue in Whitnall Park.
“An invertebrate, simply put, has no backbone,” said Howard Aprill, Wehr Naturalist. “While some bugs may seem skittish when you approach them, you have to be amazed at the risks they take on a daily basis for the benefit of their communities and—when you consider their earth-moving and pollination activities, and their place in the food chain—for our benefit as well.”
Throughout the day, families will learn about insects through show-and-tell-and-touch demonstrations, have a chance to enter old-fashioned grasshopper-jumping contests, and even sample Creepy Crawly Cuisine.
Butterflies will play a big role at Bug Day. Renowned Lepidopterist (butterfly specialist) Phil Holzbauer will present his exhibit featuring butterflies from around the world. Other local butterfly experts sharing their knowledge will be “Butterfly Barb” Agnew, founder of Friends of the Monarch Trail, and University of Wisconsin–Extension specialists. All will answer questions and offer tips on creating backyard habitat to attract butterflies and other native pollinators. 
Other demonstration topics include tarantulas from around the world, bee hives and bee keeping (weather permitting), and identifying the effects of the tree-killing Eastern Ash Borer.
For self-guided tours of the natural communities of Wehr, families may check out Ziggy Packs, complete with map, magnifying glass, and scavenger-hunt sheet. 
To get into the spirit of the day, children may don an insect costume to become a centipede, millipede, or butterfly. Children may also work on bug-themed crafts.
The littlest family members may enjoy Larva Land, an indoor area designed for young children to explore the insect world at their own pace. 
Admission is $3 per person. Friends of Wehr Members pay $2 per person. Children 2 and under are admitted for free. The parking fee is $3 per car.
For more information, call (414) 425-8550 or visit countyparks.com
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