Extreme Weather on this Date

The dangerous wind chills have made weather headlines the past few days. It's not pleasant weather by any means, but it is to be expected this time of the year. Even though the average low temperature hovers around 15° through most of the month, the records are much colder. The record low for today's date in Milwaukee is -21° set back in 1942. The records go all the way back to the 1880s by the way. 

But quite possibly an even more interesting weather stat is the record high for today's date of 63° set back in 2008. That was just seven years ago. It's a day many folks down in Walworth and Kenosha county remember quite vividly. And with good reason because of a unusual occurrence, two January tornadoes.

Here's a great article put out by the National Weather Service in Milwaukee on this day of stormy weather back in 2008. Take a look:

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