Experts warn pay close attention while shopping online

While there may be no sure fire way to make sure your money is always safe, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection says there are steps you can take to lower your risk.

One of the main suggestions is stay away from fishy websites offering great deals, because those sites could be a front for a phishing scam.

Also, pay close attention to emails.

People in Wisconsin have already reported getting emails that look like they are from legitimate retailers, but have links that send you other places.

“Linking from an email can be problematic. And criminals know those and they use those well-known retailer names because those are the ones that consumers tend to trust.” said Sandy Chalmers, Administrator of the Wisconsin Trade and Consumer Protection division.

If you feel like you may have put your credit card info on a shady website, Chalmers recommends calling your bank immediately. She also says to pay close attention to your banking statements during and after the shopping season.

Another tip, she says using pre-loaded debit cards are an option because they won't be linked directly to your account.

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