Exclusive Video: Car Thieves Caught on Camera

CBS 58—Greenfield police are searching for three suspects who tried to steal a van over the weekend.

The incident was captured on a home surveillance system, which shows the three entering the van parked outside a home in the 4600 block of Midland Drive.

“The reason why the cameras were there is because that particular person had been victimized previously by having their van stolen so he decided to fight back,” said Sgt. Chris DeGlopper with the Greenfield Police Department.

This time the suspects failed, unable to start the car, but Greenfield police think they’ve done this before. Sgt. DeGlopper says police believe the van the suspects are in is also stolen.

“By watching the video, they seem to be extremely comfortable,” Sgt. DeGlopper said. “Maybe to comfortable.”

Sgt. DeGlopper says car thefts are a growing problem, not only in Greenfield but throughout Milwaukee County.

“It’s not just they're stealing cars, but they're going out and committing robberies, they're getting involved in police chases which again here in Greenfield, we will pursue people,” Sgt. DeGlopper said. “They probably don't understand how dangerous that can be. It’s not a video game. “

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