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EXCLUSIVE: Mom warns about dangers in Quarry Lake after her son nearly drowned

Najee Sherrod, 23, is in critical condition after he nearly drowned in Quarry Lake last week. 

A few Good Samaritans heard Sherrod calling for help. They ran in and rescued him. One woman started administering CPR before emergency crews got there. He was then taken to Froedtert Hospital. 

“Quarry lake has been a danger since 1950. In 2017, it almost took my son’s life," said Venzant. 

His mother, Lahyrah Venzant, said he health is improving. He was taken off his respirator on Wednesday. He has started talking and breathing on his own. Venzant is hoping for a fully recovery. 

She is now warning people about the potential dangers in Quarry Lake. 

“My son was grabbed by fish line and hook so you don’t know whats in that water. We need to consider it dangerous and shut it down immediately," said Venzant. 

Venzant plans on going to city hall to talk to officials about shutting it down or getting lifeguards to look out. 

She is grateful the Good Samaritans were there to save her son's life. She said her son does not remember much from the accident but when he is ready she will tell him his story. 

“This is how it happened and you had a lot of angels on your side because they were right there," said Venzant. 

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