Exclusive Look at Renovated "Streets" at Milwaukee Public Museum

A very popular exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum is celebrating 50 years, but it's also celebrating a new transformation.

"The "Streets of old Milwaukee" exhibit at the museum was closed in August, 2015 for a renovation project.

CBS 58 got a first exclusive look at the newly remodeled exhibit that will soon reopen to the public. At first glance, it may look the same. But as we began our journey through the streets of old Milwaukee, we noticed the difference.

"People will walk through and think yes, this is what it should look like I think I remember that... but a lot of those things are going to be new," said Julian Jackson, Director of Exhibits and Design at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

The exhibit's popularity is one of the main reasons why the museum decided it was time for a change.

"Many people felt that the streets had become stagnant and they weren't really telling people anything," said Al Muchka, Curator of History at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Local artists and designers participated in the new project that involves $1 million in upgrades.

The upgrades include new interactive displays, new sounds and a unique way of entry.

"One of the key things they'll notice is the entrance, which includes the street car... people will enter through a street car that takes them back to time to the turn of the century," Jackson said.

Each new display, every detail, was made with the purpose of highlighting the rich history Milwaukee has to offer.

"This is Milwaukee at the turn of the century showing small businesses and how they grew in the neighborhoods," Muchka added.

Although artists are still putting last minute touches to the new displays, the museum is excited to soon bring this exhibit back to life for generations to come.

"I hope that anyone who's been to the streets of Milwaukee will come back because the experience they loved before will be even deeper," Jackson said.

The newly remodeled "Streets of Milwaukee will re-open to the public on December 11th. However, some will get a sneak peek of the exhibit during "Scandal & Sleaze: A Streets Tease" on December 2nd.

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