EXCLUSIVE: American Company of Irish Dance is coming to Milwaukee

Two former stars of Riverdance, Paula Goulding and Shane McAvinchey, are coming to Milwaukee to lead the new American Company of Irish Dance, which will be just one of a few non-profit Irish dance companies in the country dedicated to the preservation and evolution of the art form.

\"We can show the world what can be done. When you get artistic people working together it can just explode,\" said McAvinchey Tuesday via skype to board members of the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center which has extended an open invitation to the dancers during their visit just before Irish Fest in August.

As this style of dance is physically strenuous, most dancers begin at a young age and take part in competitions until they are eighteen.

It is the goal of this new dance company to provide a venue for dancers who wish to continue performing at the conclusion of their youth competition pursuits.

The American Company of Irish Dance will give all energetic and experienced performers, regardless of where they trained, the opportunity to showcase their talents to an ever-increasing audience as well as provide the community with greater access to one of the most captivating art forms.

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The company's stateside representative Joan Rudnitzki along with Pete Fleming of the Irish Cultural Heritage Center were live guests on the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m. 

\"We're very fortunate to have them bring their expertise here,\" said Rudnitzki. She says Paul and Shane will be in Milwaukee for two weeks at the end of August. They will hold a master class August 21-23rd with dancers then having the opportunity to audition for the company.

\"This is like a gem falling from the skies of heaven,\" said Fleming who was part of the refurbishing of the Irish Cultural Heritage Center. \"Imagine that, Milwaukee is the spring board to the world.\" 

The broadcast also featured dancer Tanya Tachon who studied with Goulding and McAvinchey.

To find out more about supporting the company and future performance schedules you can contact Joan Rudnitzki as (414) 588-6251 or via email at [email protected]

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