Ex-boyfriend says 'I'm going to kill you' before stabbing Racine Woman

A Racine woman was stabbed multiple times by her ex-boyfriend. The man, Robert Schooler, was arrested for attempted homicide.

May Snow, a neighbor witnessed the aftermath. She says, \"The next thing I know she was saying 'help me, help me, I've been stabbed.'\"

Neighbors ran after Schooler with a bat but were unable to catch him.

On the anniversary of the Azana Salon shooting, Katy Stephan-Cothell, with Racine's Women's Resource Center says domestic violence cases are still high.

\"One in four women are victims, and one in eight men are victims. It's under-reported, so it's a huge issue.\"

She says cases like the Racine stabbing are good reminders of what to look for. She says most domestic abuse situations have a cycle of- honeymoon, tension building, and explosion. She says when the cycle is only tension building and explosion, it could end badly.

For Snow, she hopes her neighbor recovers, and never has to experience domestic violence again.

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