Every Single Person Attending Summerfest will Go Through a Metal Detector

One of the biggest security changes affecting people in Southeastern Wisconsin is that for the first time ever every single person going to Summerfest will have to go through a standing metal detector before going on the grounds.  

This change was announced last week before Orlando's shootings happened but it shows a shift in security strategy.

A press release issued by a spokesperson for Summerfest said the reason for the change was to get their policy more in line with other large venues including Miller Park and Lambeau Field.

But criminal justice and homeland security experts say that level of monitoring will not be everywhere.

So it's important for people to make mental notes about their surroundings.

"And these things they happen fast, but I've been telling everyone - if you at least have a plan: 'What am I going to do if that rings out? Those shots ring out? Is there an exit nearby? Is there a way for me to get down on the ground? Is there a way for me to protect my family or whoever I'm with? Is there a way for me to call 911?' Think about those things. All it takes is a quick scan of your environment.,” said Brian Dorow, Associate Dean of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at WCTC.


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