"Every dollar counts:" MPS announces class of 2017 scholarship winners

NOW: “Every dollar counts:“ MPS announces class of 2017 scholarship winners

More than 60 million dollars to help kids succeed.

Milwaukee Public Schools announced their scholarship winners for the class of 2017.

Some 500 students will split 61 million dollars, 10 million more than last year's class.

"What I always tell the kids, it doesn't matter how big or how small, every dollar counts. So these scholarships help with getting their dorms ready, book scholarships, they help cover different tuition costs, room, and board costs. So it really just goes a long way to help the kids," said Dr. Darienne Driver, Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools.

Milwaukee Public Schools partnered with "Gear Up", "College Possible" and "MKE Fellows" to rally these students to success.

Superintendent Doctor Darienne Driver says it was a city-wide effort to get the class of 2017 where they are today.

Congratulations to all the graduates! 

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