Evers says he's willing to go to court to stop GOP efforts to limit power

NOW: Evers says he’s willing to go to court to stop GOP efforts to limit power

MADISON (CBS 58) - Governor-elect Tony Evers vows to keep fighting after lawmakers vote to limit his power.

The Governor-elect says Wisconsin should be embarrassed by what happened.

“The whole thing is a mess,” said Gov.-elect Evers during a press conference Tuesday.

The Gov. elect stood shoulder to should with other Democrats who won statewide election last month.

“The will of the people has officially been ignored by the legislature,” said Gov.-elect Evers.

He says the package of bills passed in extraordinary session are not what voters wanted when they elected a Democrat Governor.

“The people of Wisconsin expect better of us as leaders of the legislature than to pit people against each other,” said Gov.-elect Evers.

“That is absolutely not what it is,” said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

Vos says this isn’t about taking power away from the Governor.

“We don’t want to usurp his power, that’s never been our goal, our goal is just to guarantee that we have an opportunity to sit at the table, negotiate, and do it fairly,” said Rep. Vos.

The Governor-elect doesn’t see it that way. He says if Governor Scott Walker signs these bills into law, he’ll take the next step.

“All issues are on the table, whether its litigation or other issues, we are exploring anything to make sure that this legislature does not get into practice,” said Gov.-elect Evers.

“They have a right to go to court, we’ve already vetted these with legal experts that we believe have shown that they are clearly constitutional,” said Speaker Vos.

Whatever happens next, the Governor-elect is not being shy about how he feels about what happened.

“I view what was passed as frankly a hot mess, and together all of it is dangerous precedent,” said Gov.-elect Evers

Governor-elect Evers says he plans to reach out to Governor Walker personally and urge him to veto the bills that were passed.

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