Evers proposes tax cuts; Walker calls it publicity stunt

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers is proposing a tax cut for Wisconsin's middle class that Republican Gov. Scott Walker's campaign is calling a last-minute publicity stunt.

Evers' campaign on Sunday unveiled the plan that would cut income taxes for those making up to $100,000 and families making up to $150,000 by 10 percent.

Evers' plan would shift $340 million from the wealthy and corporations to pay for the middle-class tax relief.

Walker's campaign says Evers' agenda will raise property taxes, income taxes on farmers and small businesses, and gas taxes by as much as $1.

“Hard-working families won't be fooled by last-minute media stunts attempting to erase this fact,” said a Walker campaign  spokesperson.

Walker's campaign says the governor has cut income taxes across the board, and they are now lower than in 2010.

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