European cruise ship docks in Milwaukee for the day

A city with deep German roots welcomes hundreds of cruise ship passengers from Germany. The Hamburg cruise ship pulled in to the Port of Milwaukee early Friday morning after leaving Chicago. The 400 passengers are out and about touring the city Friday.

This trip started in Montreal and made its way through the Great Lakes. Most of the passengers are European - most from Germany. The 472-foot cruise ship docked on the west side of Jones Island in the Port of Milwaukee. There were seven buses ready to take people to various parts of the city. Some were going to the Harley-Davidson museum, others expressed interest in checking out Miller Brewery.

\"We go to the city and just walk around and look how it is,\" Frankfurt, Germany native Karina Kaestner said. \"There have been a lot of Germans when the city started so maybe we'll find something German there.\"

It just so happens Oktoberfest started in Milwaukee Friday -- so some of the passengers could check out how Americans celebrate it. The ship leaves Milwaukee at 5:00 pm Friday night. It will be back October 19 with another group of people.

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