Enjoying the Nice Weather? You can Thank the Greek Letter Omega

Enjoying the nice weather and warmer temperatures of the past few days? Well you can thank your new favorite Greek letter, Omega, for that! Right now Wisconsin and much of the eastern US is under what is known as the Omega Blocking Pattern. The pattern has high pressure over a portion of the US with low pressures on each side. The large area of high pressure causes storm systems to ride up into Canada and then down across the east coast in a shape similar to the Greek letter Omega - Ω.

The Omega Block has allowed temperatures to finally surpass average in Milwaukee for the first time in over ten days. 

It takes a strong storm system to break down the Omega Block and earlier this week, weather models showed the Omega Block holding strong until next weekend. But now, weather models are beginning to show the blocking pattern weakening as early as Tuesday which would bring a few more chances for rain back to Wisconsin by the middle of the week. By Sunday and Monday we will have a better idea on which will win: the strong storm or the Omega Block.

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