Emu and alpaca the new frontier in Wisconsin farming

Wisconsin agriculture makes an $88.3 billion economic impact on the state.

Many assume it's dairy along, but Wisconsin farming is actually quite diverse.

Alice in Dairyland Spokesperson Teyanna Loether was a special guest on the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m. to talk about the feather fiber species, including emu and alpaca.

There are  69,000 farms dotting the Wisconsin landscape.

Nearly  10,000 of those are dairy farms. In fact Wisconsin has  more dairy goats and sheep than any other state.

But exotics are seen as a critical part of the overall agricultural picture.

There are many benefits to these exotic products.

Alpaca wool is lanolin-free, providing a nice alternative with those who have skin sensitivities to lanolin (hypoallergenic).

Emu meat is lower in fat and higher in protein and other nutrients when compared to bison, venison, elk, and ostrich.

Emu oil is a natural healing aid, can reduce scarring and aid in healing abrasions quickly.

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