Employ Milwaukee available to assist dislocated workers with Sam's Club closings

NOW: Employ Milwaukee available to assist dislocated workers with Sam’s Club closings

MILWAUKEE-(CBS) Is there any way hourly workers can protect themselves from sudden closings of their employer?

The questions have renewed importance after the recently announced closing of Sam's Clubs locations, including in West Allis and Madison.

Workers in West Allis told CBS 58 News last week that they were caught off guard when they showed up for work and were greeted by a closed sign and a security guard.

The parent company for Sam's Club says workers will be directed to other locations or Walmart stores to find new employment.

But Employ Milwaukee is asking folks to register with them as well to make sure they have access to the kind of training and information to grab the best jobs that become available.

"Those workers could come to us we can assist them through dislocated worker service programs," explained Ricardo Ybarra of Employ Milwaukee. "It's called rapid response for a reason. It's not just major layoffs that were working with. It's for every worker who is looking for a job."

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