Elmbrook Humane Society takes in 44 kittens due to hoarding situation in Oklahoma

ELMBROOK, Wis. (CBS 58) --- The Elmbrook Humane Society (EBHS) took in 44 kittens on Saturday, July 17. 

Yes, you read that right - 44 kittens!

EBHS was asked to help a shelter in Oklahoma who responded to a hoarding situation. Officials say if another shelter could not help, 10 litters of kittens would have been euthanized in Oklahoma. EBHS is a no kill shelter. 

"Our amazing staff team quickly responded by sharing we would do what is needed to help these kittens and soon thereafter, foster homes also quickly committed to helping," Heather Gehrke, executive director at EBHS, said.

All of the kittens are in need of medical care ranging from basic care, such as spray/neuter, vaccinations, and microchipping, to supportive care, such as upper respiratory infections. 

Officials say beginning later this week, some of the kittens will be available for adoption. It is likely over the next few weeks all of the kittens will be made available for adoption. The adoption fee is $135 and includes the cost of microchipping, vaccinations, spay/neuter and health screening. 

Officials say the cost of intake per kitten is roughly $175, which amounts to $7,700 in intake costs for the entire group. EBHS is appealing to the community for help to cover the costs of medical care, food, litter, and additional care. 

“There’s always a significant upfront cost when taking in larger groups of animals from another shelter or rescue operation, but it’s always worth that cost to ensure these animals are getting the care and medical attention they need,” says Gehrke. “When the call came in to take these kittens, our staff didn’t hesitate. We had the foster homes and facilities available and we always have the unwavering support of our compassionate donors. As we welcome these cats, we’re already looking ahead, to make sure they find their way to loving homes in our community.”

For more information on adoption, click here. If you are interesting in supporting EBHS through donations, click here. You can also donate supplies through the EBHS Amazon page by clicking here

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