Elkhorn football player stands on sideline weeks after concern he wouldn't walk again

NOW: Elkhorn football player stands on sideline weeks after concern he wouldn’t walk again

Just weeks ago,many were concerned if Michael Lois would walk again.

But Friday, just three days after neck surgery, he stood on a homecoming float throwing candy. He also cheered his team on from the sideline

“I think people want to wrap a bubble around him, and he’s not going to have any of it," Elkhorn Athletic Director Dan Kiel said. "He’s going to do what he thinks he can do.”

Shortly after receiving a full ride scholarship from Iowa,  Lois broke three vertebrae jumping into a pool in September.

“My heart sank," Judy Schweitzer said. "As a mom. Knowing this family very well. Knowing Michael. Michael is an amazing kid.”

“Tragedy does happen, and it’s so important that community wraps around and comes together,” Bryan Olson said.

The community did come together. helped organize fundraisers with local businesses to help the Lois family with medical costs. They sold 400 in about a week.

“This community is amazing," said Schweitzer, who volunteered to sell shirts at Friday's game. "And being able to be part of helping this for Michael is a way for us to give back. ”

Lois has been recovering faster than most expected and returned for his first full day of school Friday.

“It’s amazing," Schweitzer said. "It’s absolutely amazing, what he’s accomplished, where he is now.”

The support doesn’t stop in Elkhorn. Even opposing teams are wearing number 90 stickers for Lois.

“We stick together when we need to, and we’re rivals when we can, but push comes to shove we stick together.”

There will be another fundraiser for Lois on Nov. 4.

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