Electric scooter stolen from disabled woman's mini van near 16th and Greenfield

NOW: Electric scooter stolen from disabled woman’s mini van near 16th and Greenfield

On Wednesday morning, the Wagner family discovered someone had broken into their mini van parked in front of their home near 16th and Greenfield in Milwaukee. 

Inside the van was Kim Wagner's electric scooter. 

"That's my livelihood, that's my way to get around and I don't have that. Now it's back to my son pushing me in a manual wheelchair," said Wagner. 

Someone smashed the passenger door window and only took her scooter. 

"I have leg that does not bend so the scooter helps me because I can't walk far," said Wagner.

For Kim and her family, it is not an easy thing for them to replace. The family is on a fixed income. 

"I cried because it means a lot of me. Not just because of the scooter but because of the window too now and I have to fork out money to fix that," said Wagner.

They believe the theft happened sometime between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. Wagner plans on filing a report with Milwaukee Police on Wednesday. 

If you have any information regarding the theft contact police. Or if you'd like to reach the family directly contact [email protected].

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