Election Commission set for final approval of voting mailing

NOW: Election Commission set for final approval of voting mailing


MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) – A plan to send absentee ballot request forms to most registered voters in the state is another step closer to happening.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission met Wednesday to discuss the initial draft of a mailing that will be sent to approximately 2.7 million registered voters who do not have a request for an absentee ballot on file and who have not been marked as having likely moved addresses.

The mailing would include information on what options voters have to cast ballots in the November general election as well as an absentee ballot request form.

The effort is an attempt to avoid confusion and alleviate pressure off of municipalities that marred the April 7 spring election.

The commission is made up of three Republican-appointed commissioners and three Democrat-appointed commissioners. All six have voted to send the mailing in a previous meeting, but during Wednesday’s meeting, the more conservative commissioners expressed concern about information and language included in the draft of the mailing, citing integrity of the process as a reason to adjust the document.

“I want the voters in Wisconsin and maybe half the people who are voting which could be Republicans, to have confidence in this and do not believe this is ripe for major fraud,” Robert Spindell, one of the GOP-appointed commissioners said.

The liberal-leaning commissioners are concerned more debate over the mailing could lead to delays in sending it out.

“At some point Bob, we’ve got to move forward and trust what we have,” Commissioner Mark Thomsen said.

The goal is to get the mailing out by September 1.

The commission will meet June 17 for final approval of the mailing.

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