Educators Credit Union ATMs hit by Skimmer

Educators Credit Union ATMs have been hit by skimmers in the Milwaukee area this month, according to a release by Educators Credit Union.

Five Educators ATMs had skimmers placed for several hours recently.

Rapids Drive in Racine was hit on September 6. Loomis Road , Park Place and Appleton Avenue in Milwaukee were all hit on September 12.

One ATM was hit in Kenosha on September 12.

We have analyzed accounts and have contacted members whose debit cards were used at those machines and thus are at a high risk for fraud.

Educators Credit Union said it took additional steps to block possible fraud through our card processor, as well as steps to ensure the safety of our ATMs.

Call Educators at 800-236-5898 to have your card blocked and report the fraud. You can have a new debit card issued instantly at local branches or one can be mailed to you. After hours, call the lost or stolen card line at 1-800-682-6075.

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