Drought Conditions Improve but Work to be Done

We have gone through a recent stretch of active weather. Plenty of days with sunshine, but also plenty of days with rain and storms. For a full write up of rain during the month of May check out this previous First Alert Weather Blog post. Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin is the only area currently in a precipitation deficit of the month. This is because the heaviest rain with our recent storms has stayed to our west and north.


The newest Drought Outlook was released on Thursday and is the first one recently to show improvement in the state of Wisconsin. The area of abnormally dry conditions throughout the state has shrunk and the area of moderate drought in the northern portion of the state is significantly smaller. Notice that Milwaukee, the only area below average for the month still shows abnormally dry conditions.


Another chance for a good soaking rain and a few storms arrives Friday into Saturday which will likely take out a chunk of the monthly deficit and will hopefully result in some change in next week's drought outlook. Right now it looks like around an inch or less of rain will fall by Saturday afternoon. No severe weather is expected.

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