Driving Campaign Hopes To Spark Conversation With Seniors

According to a recent survey, nearly 90 percent of aging adults say they rely on their cars and driving to stay independent. That's why it's so tough for loved ones to have the conversation of giving that freedom up.

But a new local program called 'Let’s Talk About Driving' hopes to ease that conversation with loved ones, by providing resources and tips.

It was created by home instead senior care.

Case managers say there are a variety of reasons people need to stop or begin limiting their driving.

Because it can be a sensitive topic, the company created a website with resources, and they hope it will help people spark the conversation.

"I think the importance is starting the conversation proactively rather than waiting before it's to late and often time you may find as the senior begins to limit their driving it actually provides a sense of relief, because there is stress associated with driving," explained Leslie Davis, a client service manager for Home Instead Senior Care.

So how do you know if it's time to have that conversation?

A couple of the signs include, mysterious dents on vehicles, someone is having a hard time turning their head, delayed reactions, and riding the break.

To learn more and check out the resource website for yourself, click here.

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