Driver fleeing police hits bicyclist, causes crash in Racine

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A driver taking off from a traffic stop Friday hit a man on a bicycle in Racine, sending the man to the hospital.

Ben Larson, a witness, says police pursued the driver through the intersection at 14th and Washington.

Larson saw the suspect hit a white car, which then crashed into Larson’s store, a vacuum repair shop.

“It was a non-stop collision,” he said. “The sound kept going and going. It was like an earthquake. The building shook, the floor shook under your feet.”

The white car hit another vehicle as well in the intersection.

Larson says that’s when the suspect hit the bicycle.

Racine police say the rider is 57 years old. His injuries are non-life threatening.

Down the block, the suspect crashed and tried to run.

Larson followed, and said the man got about 100 yards before police cornered him and took him into custody.

Larson said the drivers of the two vehicles that were crashed into were OK.

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