DPW playing catch up on trash collection

NOW: DPW playing catch up on trash collection

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Some of the snow across southeast Wisconsin is beginning to melt and since trash pickup was suspended for a few days, garbage is piling up in some areas.

Milwaukee's Department of Public Works suspended garbage pickup for a few days last week and right now, they are still playing catch up.

On Monday, CBS 58 News saw a woman with a walker and a woman pushing a stroller in a busy street because of garage taking over the sidewalk.

"I'm really frustrated they didn't pick up that garbage. It's bad enough with the snow and then we got all the garbage," said Milwaukee resident Brenda William.

The good news is garbage pickup is expected to be back to normal by Thursday.

But the bad news is that by then, the sidewalks may be covered with ice. 

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