DPW awaits parts from Europe to repair Wells Street bridge

MILWAUKEE-- Three weeks after it was shut down for repairs, a heavily-used bridge in downtown Milwaukee is still closed.  

The public works department said its waiting on parts to come in from Europe.

The manufacturer no longer makes them, so the parts had to be specially made to do the repairs.

The city hopes to have the parts in as early as Wednesday, but crews will have to install them and test the bridge first.

For that reason, a public works spokesperson tells CBS 58 she has \"no idea\" when it will re-open.

Officials say the hydraulic system is broken, which controls how the bridge goes up and down.

It remains in the up position for river traffic, but those on the street are forced to go around the closure and that's costing nearby eateries money.

It's frustrating,\" said Sarah Graham, Port of Call manager. \"We get business from the theaters and unfortunately they can't just walk on over and then also the traffic.\"

Officials could not say how much the repair parts cost.

There are plans to rebuild the Wells Street bridge in 2018.

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