Dozens of documents released into Jayme Closs kidnapping, murder of her parents

NOW: Dozens of documents released into Jayme Closs kidnapping, murder of her parents

BARRON COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Dozens of new documents and hours of new video were released in the Jayme Closs case on Friday, Dec. 20. 

Closs is the remarkable teenager who was kidnapped, held for months, and able to escape in January of 2019. 

Nearly 2,800 pages of records from the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Barron County, and Douglas County Sheriff's Offices were released Friday. There are Snapchat messages and pictures, interviews with family members and friends and much more.

Included in the documents released is audio of Barron County Sheriff's deputies responding to the Closs home.

"There's a shotgun shell, but I don't see a shotgun," one says.

Another asks him, "We're still missing a gun?"

He responds, "We're missing a lot."

Every agency is withholding the interview with Closs, as well as medical records because she's a victim of a crime, as well as a minor. 

Police are also withholding what they describe as graphic photos and descriptions of the shooting scene where police found the bodies of James and Denise Closs. 

The video of Jake Patterson's interview was not released. Instead, authorities released a transcript of his interview with certain portions edited out. 

He shares that he was intent on kidnapping a girl and just keeping her.

"If it wasn't Jayme, it would probably be someone else," Patterson said.

He tells officers he never restrained Closs or locked his doors.

He was "just counting on her being scared."

Handwritten documents and letters recovered from Patterson's cellphone are being withheld because of privacy concerns. 

Below are links to documents of the Jayme Closs case:

DCI’s investigative files can be viewed here:

Barron County’s files can be viewed here:

Douglas County’s files can be viewed here:

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